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Natural energy tonic based on guarana, ginseng and yerba mate extracts.

Energizes and helps to accelerate energy metabolism in the body
Promotes normal functioning of the nervous system, reduces fatigue
Improves concentration and mental alertness
Contributes to the strengthening of immunity and adaptive capacity of the body
Increases stress resistance in conditions of a busy rhythm and a variety of stressors

One Cyberorange effervescent tablet contains a complex of natural energy boosters - extracts of guarana (75 mg), ginseng (50 mg) and yerba mate (50 mg). With regular use, the product stimulates cognitive function and performance, helps maintain energy balance and normalize a whole range of biological processes in the body.
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Unique combination of plant extracts and vitamin complex - effective and healthy support of the body against fatigue and stress.
Daily allowance - just one tablet per day.
Easy to prepare: add a tablet to a glass of water and get a delicious invigorating drink.
Convenient packaging: tube with 10 tablets, easy to take with you.
Created and manufactured in France.


One tablet contains:
Vitamin C - 160 mg
Guarana extract - 75 mg
Caffeine - 16.5 mg
Ginseng extract - 50 mg
Ginsenosides Rg1 - 5.0 mg
Vitamin B3 - 8.0 mg
Vitamin B5 - 3.0 mg
Vitamin B6 - 0.7 mg
Vitamin B9 - 100 mcg
Vitamin B12 - 1.25 mcg


Adults take 1 tablet daily, dissolved in a glass of water (preferably in the morning).


Store in a cool dry place, out of reach of children, at a temperature not exceeding 25 ° C.