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Ideal proportions of coffee, ginseng and weightless cream create the necessary balance between relaxation and concentration.

• Astringent aroma and taste of coffee
• Velvety creamy foam
• The natural power of imperial ginseng
• A favorite for lovers of coffee with milk

When you want to put your busy schedule on hold and enjoy a romantic evening, brew a cup of our latte. Its gentle, yet full and complex flavor, will warm and bring two people closer, awakening old dreams and bold desires, which will certainly come true.
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Imperial ginseng

Energizes and gives a surge of strength
Increases stamina and brain activity
Strengthens the body’s protective functions
Stimulates the cleansing of waste and toxins
Accelerates metabolism and fat burning
Reduces the risk of diabetes and obesity
Strengthens the digestive tract and liver
Normalizes blood pressure, cleanses blood vessels
Improves memory and concentration
Improves mood and sleep
Protects against stress and depression
Improves skin, nails and hair condition


Eco-friendly environment: the imperial ginseng is grown in the Changbaishan mountains at a UNESCO reserve.
Strictly following traditions: the ginseng grows and accumulates its strength for 6 years, during this time it is replanted twice into fresh soil.
Low temperature drying (+28°C) helps preserve the maximum amount of beneficial ginseng root substances.
The 37 types of ginsenosides that are contained in imperial ginseng make it a unique natural adaptogen and immunomodulator.
A unique plant-based formula that is suitable for everyone aiming for a healthy lifestyle.


Freeze dried arabica coffee, white imperial ginseng extract, coconut powder.


Cover the contents of 1 sachet with 100 ml of hot water.


Store in a cool, dry place, closed for 2 years from the date of production.


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