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Rich, strong, invigorating. Coffee is a drink for those who work hard and play hard.

Thanks to the imperial ginseng extract, which is the most powerful adaptogen in nature, our coffee also helps to support the immune system, increase resistance to stress, accelerate natural blood flow and cleanse blood vessels, normalize blood pressure and sugar levels, improve digestion and metabolism.


Cleans from toxins, relieves headache
20 sachets 15 g each
Buy €28.5

Black coffee

Tones up, stimulates, energizes.
30 sachets 3.5g each
Buy €26.5


Improves mood, strengthens the heart and blood vessels, relieves spasms.
20 sachets 15 g each
Buy €28.5

Cappuccino "Hazelnut"

Takes care of your immunity, nervous system, heart, blood vessels and digestion.
Doypack 150g
Buy €45