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3 reasons
to start your day

Nature's best
Our products contain white imperial ginseng, which is one of the most effective natural adaptogens. It contains 37 types of ginsenosides and is unparalleled in this value.

White imperial ginseng improves the body's physical activity and endurance, and has a mild healing effect that gradually recovers the functioning of all organs and systems.
Premium quality
To preserve the maximum amount of ginseng's beneficial properties, we grow it in an ecologically clean environment at the Changbaishan alpine reserve. The plant grows for 6 years and is replanted into fresh soil twice.

The extract of the select 6-year-old root is manufactured in France at a modern facility that is in the Top 10 of the European pharmaceutical industry.

COFFEECELL products meet all the requirements of international quality and safety standards, with certificates issued as proof.
Revealing talents
COFFEECELL products not only tone, but also strengthen immunity, fill the body with useful nutrients, speed up metabolism, and help to normalize the functioning of the cardiovascular, endocrine and nervous systems.

We've created a recipe that helps wake the talents dormant inside us, to reveal our inner reserves and to find ourselves in a world of possibilities.

with Imperial ginseng

Black coffee Premium with imperial ginseng

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Latte with imperial ginseng

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Hazelnut Cappuccino with imperial ginseng

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Moccachino with imperial ginseng

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Svetlana Afanasyeva
I work a lot. Constant flights to different time zones, tours, teaching activities - all this affects my sleep and health. And my body's condition is the key to my success. I do not drink energy drinks, regular coffee does not help me, only coffee and tea with ginseng are my saviours!


Kirill Joke
Every time I go to a location, especially if it is on the street, I take a thermos and make coffee with ginseng. For me, this is a kind of ritual that energizes, keeps me in good shape and helps to just chill during breaks.


Elina Moscow
I truly love COFFEECELL drinks. They are the key to my inspiration from the very beginning of the shooting day. Plus, the ginseng root in the composition is unbelievably beneficial. It speeds up metabolism, strengthens the immune system, stimulates and supports the cardiovascular system. Thanks to it, I am full of strength and practically do not get sick.


Antonina Crane
It is impossible to write without inspiration, without vivid emotions and a feeling of comfort. I receive all this with hot chocolate and mocha from COFFEECELL. It was this taste - deep, rich, true - that I was looking for in many brands, but found only here. In addition, I like the idea of enjoying the taste and taking care of my health at the same time - since white imperial ginseng, which is present in the drinks, is incredibly healthy.


Anna Sarukhanyan
As the brand ambassador, my top priority is the quality and effectiveness of our products. Some time ago I've already personally experienced and appreciated the health benefits of the ginseng that our coffee and tea contain. For the past few years I've been waking up to the aroma of my favourite coffee. I like to add ginseng to salads and other meals.

New level
of your power

The power and energy of ginseng awakens talents and helps to maintain good health.
COFFEECELL reveals talents • COFFEECELL reveals talents • COFFEECELL reveals talents • COFFEECELL reveals talents • COFFEECELL reveals talents •