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Cocoa with strawberries and imperial ginseng

Red aromatic strawberries generously have generously shared their flavor and turned into a powder of the finest grind. The velvet cocoa and juicy berries combined with ginseng's natural power will create an unparalleled flavor vortex.

A bright flavor and the energizing aroma of cocoa beans
A powerful charge of energy without unhealthy additives
Even more imperial ginseng

Close your eyes and enjoy the fresh strawberry notes, complemented by the soft and rich cocoa texture. A hot mug of the COFFEECELL drink will brighten your day and offer all the benefits of imperial ginseng. You will be delighted by the unusual taste and smell, reminding you of childhood, summer, and the lightness of being.
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Imperial Ginseng

• Charges you with energy and provides a surge of strength
• Increases stamina and brain activity
• Strengthens the protective functions of the body
• Stimulates cleansing from waste and toxins
• Speeds up metabolism and fat burning
• Lowers the risk of diabetes and obesity
• Strengthens the gastrointestinal tract and liver
• Normalizes blood pressure, clears blood vessels
• Improves memory and concentration
• Improves mood, betters sleep
• Protects against stress and depression
• Improves the condition of hair, skin, and nails


Ecologically clean conditions: imperial ginseng is grown in the mountains of Changbaishan at a UNESCO reserve.
Strict observance of traditions: the ginseng grows and gains its strength for six years; during this time, it is replanted twice into fresh soil.
Low-temperature drying (+28°C) helps preserve the maximum nutrients in the ginseng root.
Thirty-seven types of ginsenosides in the composition of imperial ginseng make it a unique natural adaptogen and immunomodulator.


Coconut cream, cocoa powder, strawberry fruit powder, trehalose, stevia, white imperial ginseng extract.


Pour 100 ml of hot water into 1 sachet.


Store in a cool, dry place in its closed form for 2 years from the production date.