About ginseng

About ginseng

Imperial ginseng is a natural product that has a unique set of nutrients and medicinal properties because the plant growing conditions are observed scrupulously in the protected mountains of Changbai (China), and only advanced methods of production are used. It is the strongest natural adaptogen and leader in the content of saponins and organic germanium.

Imperial Ginseng:

  • strengthens the immunity system and increases resistance to diseases;
  • cleans the body of toxins and impurities;
  • saturates the body with biologically active components;
  • improves metabolism and thyroid function;
  • accelerates the breakdown of fats and contributes to weight loss;
  • influences the potency positively;
  • nourishes blood and stimulates lipid metabolism in blood vessels;
  • helps reduce blood sugar;
  • fights the emergence of malignant cells;
  • improves sleep and overall well-being.

We add the extract of the root of the imperial ginseng to our drinks, because it strengthens the immune system, increases resistance to viruses, infections and harmful environmental influences, what is more, it has a pronounced rejuvenating effect.

Imperial ginseng has no counter indications, can be used for a long time and is recommended for use as a product for general health improvement for adults as well as children.

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