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Our brand products guide you to discovering your talents

A patented neurometric testing system allows to identify the potential of any person and select a field of activity to achieve maximum success
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Skill Lab

- ultimate methodology for identifying and realizing your potential

Taste leads to talent - Talent leads to success

COFFEECELL Skill Lab. Taste for Talent
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Skill Lab - Taste for Talent

thousands of studies
more than 150 thousand scientific studies are devoted to the study of the influence of neural connections on human life - in a single open database
Used in 23 countries
Talent Quotient (TQ) talent diagnostics using neurometry method of measuring abilities based on brain rhythms is patented by Russian specialists in 23 countries for an objective assessment of human skills
Years of research
30 years of research on the relationship between brain rhythms and resourcefulness, which now help to "diagnose" not only talents, but also addiction, risk appetite, awareness and many other important features of your personality.

TQ neurometry is chosen by

Skill LabFamilies, children, adolescents, adults50000Psychologists, coaches, HR specialists435Cities in 18 countries on 3 continents160Skill LabFamilies, children, adolescents, adults50000Psychologists, coaches, HR specialists435Cities in 18 countries on 3 continents160Skill LabFamilies, children, adolescents, adults50000Psychologists, coaches, HR specialists435Cities in 18 countries on 3 continents160
What is my calling?
Which profession to choose?
Which university to apply to?
How to become in-demand and make good money?
Which after-school program to choose for your kid?

Discover your
talents using
brain rhythms

Boost your
and self-esteem

your dream

What is neurometry?

This is a method of diagnosing capabilities, aptitude and scope of talent.
Neurometry allows to determine any person's potential, choose a field of activity where to achieve maximum success, and a training program to fully reveal talents Developed at the intersection of three areas: neurotechnology, neurophysiology and neuropsychology.

During testing, only brain rhythms are recorded and analyzed, and not the responses of the test taker. That is why current skills and knowledge do not affect the final result, and we get an objective picture of a person's talents and capabilities, which will help her realize herself in a profession, hobby and life.

For whom?

  • For preschool children - choosing after-school program
  • For school children - improving academic performance
  • For teenagers - career guidance
  • For adults - to find the best use of your abilities
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Our clients' reviews

My kids - 5 and 7 years old - really wanted to choose an after school activitiy to go to together, but could not make the choice. The younger one is active, restless, and the elder one is quiet and loves reading. My husband and I had them do neurometry test and learned a lot about the kids! We realized that there is no need to pressure them into anything, they just need a little help to go in the right direction. They will make the choice themselves, and we will be there to provide support, because now we know even more about them.
How vital it is to get this knowledge before entering university. Our graduating son said that he had always felt his creativity, but had been hesitating to express it among his peers. Now, having the data, in no case should you ignore it. We shall help our genius)
Colleagues invited me, having learned about testing at career enhancement training. So the four of us went there, together with our boss - and we were blown away. The management subsequently allocated funding for language courses.
I realized that I did not have time to accomplish everything I wanted. Work consumes a lot of time, just a few hours a week are left for a hobby. I wanted to spend this time wisely, so I took the test. I can't say that I discovered a whole new universe, but it helped me a lot in structuring my work and leisure time and properly allocating resources. A useful thing for those who value their time.
I cannot express my joy for the kids! Because now they have the opportunity to find answers about their talent and choose the right way to make it in life. We did't have it in our childhood, we checked everything through practice, spent years, or even decades, to find a job that would suit us. We are happy that my kids will not waste their own time, and from the elementary grade they will target their future profession.
We went through neurometry diagnostics with the whole family. How many heated discussions there were afterwards! My son is pleased that no one will now forbid him to play his Warcraft, our dad will now recall what regular sports and team games are like - time to show his leadership skills. And I've always known that psychology is closer to my heart than accounting. Now it's my time to get pleasure from sudying!
My daughter and I made an appointment with a neurometric specialist, and to be honest, we did not expect anything from this visit. What was our surprise after we saw how much they had told about us based on the test results. I am grateful to your center for the services rendered, new emotions and the opportunity to make my life more interesting. Sincere thanks from the bottom of my heart.
My teenage son is graduating from school next year and wants to decide which university to apply. He learned about neurometry from friends and did the testing. Now he is confident in his choice and already chose the university. I recommend this test to all graduates!
My friend and I decided to go to the testing after work. Like, what if they tell us something completely outstanding about us !? And so it happened. We were both shocked by capabilities discovered. Thank you for the brave new world that has opened up before us and the answers to all questions.
I first signed up for testing myself, in order to find out which specialist to send the child to, what the method was like and how reliable the information would turn out to be in general. After going through the diagnostics myself I immediately signed up my daughter for this, recommended it to my friends and colleagues. A very cool method to learn more about yourself.

What does the process look like?

Testing only takes 30 minutes
a device attached to a headband reads signals of the natural activity of different parts of the brain, which are activated during testing by asking questions.
Ceritified by American and European institutions
TQ - report
A neurometrist helps to "read and translate" the resulting detailed report with data and infographics
Consultants answer questions about your talents and hidden capabilities, as well as the prospect of their consistent application in the future
COFFEECELL reveals talents • COFFEECELL reveals talents • COFFEECELL reveals talents • 

How to receive testing

Neurometry is absolutely free for our partners
If you want to become a member of Coffeecell's extended partnership program and receive cashback and bonuses, then fill in the form.
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Where to take a test?

You can take the test and get a full report on your skills and talents at our main office located at:

Moscow, Nikolskaya St., 10
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I want to try it
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